Insights IAS Mains Test Series - 2018

About Insights Mains Test Series 2018

A very warm welcome to Insights Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Mains - 2018.

Insights mains test series is known for its quality. The timetable which this test series will follow is intense and helps a serious aspirant in honing her/his writing skills. It helps in improving speed of writing, comprehension and quality of answers.

This test series has Total 26 Tests of varying lengths. It starts with tests of 12 questions each and ends with 20 questions tests (as in UPSC Mains). By the time one is writing Test No. 26, she/he will gain enough confidence to write quality answers in Mains - 2018. This year we have included more full length tests to give you sufficient practice before Mains.

Insights will provide question papers and answers too. There will be no evaluation from our side. Candidates should form a group among themselves and review each other’s copies after completion of test. Synopsis for each test will be comprehensive and provides extra information related to a topic covered in each question.

Success mainly depends on consistency and regularity. If one follows this test series religiously, it will help in revising Mains syllabus of all General Studies papers at least three times and puts her/him at an advantage compared to other aspirants who do not do writing practice.

Wish you all the best.


  • Insights helped in gaining confidence. I was constantly motivated to study and my writing skills were polished through tests. I got the best guidance here after my earlier trials and errors. I improved in essay and GS answers by getting personal feedback at Insight.Thanks for addressing queries and giving personal feedback whenever I needed them.

    - Nandini

    Rank 1, CSE 2016

  • Second most important thing I feel is evaluating oneself in course of preparation, understand your strengths and weakness, & work over it. For instance , after my first attempt I faced difficulty in getting good marks in my optional and decided to change it. After my second attempt I felt that I seriously need to work hard on GS part as well, thereby I joined Insights offline test series for Answer Writing practice, which I found to be a game changer in this journey from Rank 575 to Rank 3.

    - Sachin Gupta

    Rank-3 UPSC CSE-2017

  • Insights prelims tests series, detailed topic analysis, mains test series, daily current affairs, case studies, Insights links to topics in Secure Initiative helped me a lot.

    - Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat

    Rank 10, CSE 2016

  • I depended upon Insights for my preparation. It is better to refer to some notes or source given at insights. Not only did I regularly wrote answers and took the test series, but I also benefitted from toppers’ articles as well as motivational write ups. If I could maintain consistency in my preparation, it was mainly because of Insightsonindia initiatives.

    - Tejaswi Rana

    Rank 12, CSE 2016

  • Insights answers and reference articles that they post for answer writing helped me a lot to shape my mains answers. Secure compilation provided valuable fodder material for my mains answers. Insights made the job very easy to prepare facts and opinions for mains answers.

    - Dinesh Kumar C

    Rank 24, CSE 2016

  • I’d be forever indebted to Insights for guidance not just in terms of the Exam related stuff that it provides but also vis-a-vis the Motivation that it provides while you’re traversing on this journey.

    - Miranth Parikh

    Rank 24, CSE 2016



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