Insights IAS Mains Test Series - 2017

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A very warm welcome to Insights Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Mains - 2017.

Insights mains test series is known for its quality. The timetable which this test series will follow is intense and helps a serious aspirant in honing her/his writing skills. It helps in improving speed of writing, comprehension and quality of answers.

This test series has Total 38 Tests of varying lengths. It starts with tests of 10 questions each and ends with 20 questions tests (as in UPSC Mains). By the time one is writing Test No. 30, she/he will gain enough confidence to write quality answers in Mains - 2017.

Insights will provide question papers and answers too. There will be no evaluation from our side. Candidates should form a group among themselves and review each other’s copies after completion of test.

Success mainly depends on consistency and regularity. If one follows this test series religiously, it will help in revising Mains syllabus of all General Studies papers at least three times and puts her/him at an advantage compared to other aspirants who do not do writing practice.

Wish you all the best.


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